Cultural program by Literians at Shashtri Ghat(Click here for details)

Venue:Shashtri Ghat Varuna Pul,Varanasi 

    • It is important for students to be aware that culture, history, art, and music are not just created by historical figures, famous people, or those living in other places. Culture is created in everyday life by all of us in our various communities, whether in our families, our schools, our neighborhoods, or in ethnic, occupational, or other kinds of groups. With this vision the students of Mount Litera Zee School Varanasi put up a cultural program in front of Maa Ganga after the Ganga Aarti at Shashtri Ghat,Varuna Pul Varanasi. The audience present there were overwhelmed by the mesmerizing performance. As always MLZS motivates the students to be all-rounders’. Participation enhances interdisciplinary learning, team participation, and presentation skills. It involves students with their families, neighborhood, and the community around them, and increases civic awareness, builds self-esteem and pride in self, community, and cultural heritage.

04-May-2017 02:55:14 PM