Seminar and Parents Teacher meeting

Don’t Stress, Do your Best, Forget the Rest

 With this mission, a Seminar and Parents Teachers Meeting was conducted by the CEO of the school Ms. Anjana Deva on 30.06.17.The aim was to make  the parents aware about the strategies adopted by the school for their preparations for the boards and the changes done by CBSE. The seminar stressed on time management, healthy diet, discipline, and hazards of using mobile phones. The teachers and the parents are the chain for a child’s growth and together they can do wonders. Parents were happy and satisfied after the seminar and agreed to co-operate with the school to achieve the best result in board exams for their wards. It also was an eye opener for the students as they realised the focused and goal- centric approach they need to adopt.

30-Jun-2017 03:45:38 PM