Slogan Writing "India 2050"- An Inter house activity

Venue : Mount Litera Zee School Varanasi
Students of classes IX to XII participated in Inter house activity: Slogan Writing –Topic-“India 2050” on 18/11/17. School encourages Litereans to build up positive life values, self-esteem and disciplined attitude. It is believed that these three aspects are very important.  The society we live in today cherishes materialism and pragmatism.  It often equates success with money and fame. However one cannot give up honesty and integrity for the sake of money and fame.  Young people are the pillars of the future society.  Developing positive life values, self-esteem and disciplined attitude can prepare us to contribute to society in future.
 Energy, vitality and enthusiasm are the symbols of youthfulness and they can dream a developed nation by using these strengths .Passion to burn, Vision to learn and Mission to give concern with this creative values, students showed their creativity and framed thought provoking slogans for India 2050.Einstein house was the winner followed by Gandhi house.

23-Nov-2017 01:17:13 PM