Career Counselling

Considering the fact that Career Counselling is an integral part of a school's cirriculam, the school has tied up with one of the leading education firm One Step Up Education (OSU) which was launched by IIM alumnus Shiv Dewan in 2009 with a mandate to give students from class 9 to 12 actionable information in an engaging manner on careers, courses and subjects. OSU runs this program annually with over 70 schools across 15 states of India. The Doon School, Dehradun, Shriram Schools, Gurgaon, Step-By-Step School, Noida, Delhi Public Schools, Sushant Lok, & Sec 45 Gurgaon, Sishya School, Chennai, National Public Schools, Bangalore, Mayo College Girls School, Lawrence School, Sanawar are a few of them.

Program objectives by class OSU Career program
1. Class 9 - Introduce careers that are impacted by subject decisions at the end of class 10
2. Class 10 - Summarize all careers affected by one subject and orient students on what to expect in class XI & XII subjects
3. Class 11 - Deep dive in areas of interest and find insurance options. Insurance options are those careers and courses which are independent of your class 12 marks
4. Class 12 A student will get to know four things about the courses they intend to study - What will they study in college? Where are those colleges located? How will they get in to their dream colleges? Where will the course take them?

OSU Methods of Engagement with Students and Parents

1. OSU Classroom Sessions designed to inform and entertain!
a. Stories from the horse's mouth - listen to the professional while he is at work, the lady who got into your dream college and the teachers who deliver the best results - all captured on video. A student and parent will find these videos on the site and in our classroom sessions
b. Informed instructors who can hold an audience we may not change a student's life but they will not sleep in our classroom sessions!

2. Understanding the student and giving him or her actionable information this happens in parallel with the classroom workshop and has the same objectives at the individual level
a. In class X we will evaluate and document a student's academic performance and aptitude. This helps the student understand his or her subject strengths.
b. In class XI OSU Compass assesses student interests and awesomeness! OSU then gives the student a long list of jobs and subjects (based on their skills & interests) to explore with us in class or on the site.
c. In class XII OSU documents and helps students build Plan A, B and C for college.

Staying in touch through the year OSU's website allows students to explore careers & courses at their own pace. Students also connect with professionals through the interface.